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Restaurant & Bar

We offer our guests the best dining experience with truly inspirational cuisine. Delight your palate at our sophisticated restaurants, bar and takeout shop.

All Day Dining Camellia (1F)

Opening Hours


Enjoy a western-style cuisine for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant features an interactive open kitchen, welcoming guests with the aromatic smell of freshly cooked food. Watch the skilled chefs in action while they prepare your own special made-to-order dish. Sit down for a cup of tea or coffee, or satisfy your appetite from the delectable a la carte menu - French toast, sandwiches, hamburgers, steak and more. For groups or families with small children, we offer booth seating for your comfort and privacy.


Lounge & Bar Hakatagawa (1F)

Opening Hours


Designed with large windows and a high ceiling, this stylish and airy lounge is ideal at all times of day to relax and unwind. Sink into a comfortable couch and indulge with fragrant hand drip coffees and light snacks in the afternoon. Alternatively, enjoy bar seating in the evening while sipping specialty cocktails, world-class wines and beers from an extensive list, accompanied by a variety of delicious a la carte menus.


Japanese Restaurant Yamazato (2F)

Opening Hours

17:30~21:00 (Weekdays)
11:30~14:30 / 17:00~21:00 (Weekends & Public holidays)
Closed Mondays (Holiday Mondays is open. )

Enjoy the culinary art of Japanese cuisine at Yamazato, offering Tempura, hot pot dishes and gracefully presented multi-course meals with flavorful seafood and vegetables. We have a 10-seat counter bar where Tempura will be delicately prepared by the chef in front of you. A tea-ceremony room is also available for tea ceremonies, formal gatherings and intimate family celebrations.


Teppan-yaki Sazanka (2F)

Opening Hours

17:30~21:00 (Weekdays and Saturdays)
11:30~14:30 / 17:00~21:00 (Sundays & Public holidays)
Closed Mondays (Holiday Mondays is open. )

Relish the top grade Japanese Black beef, seasonal seafood and vegetables expertly prepared in Teppan-yaki style before your eyes. Enjoy the unique mouth-watering experience with the sizzling sound and the savory smell filling the air. 2 private dining rooms are available for intimate gatherings. We also have a separate area where you can refresh your palate with desserts and drinks.


Beer Restaurant OKURA BREWERY (B1F)

Opening Hours

17:00~22:00 (Weekdays)
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays (Holiday is open. )

Enjoy our fresh craft beer brewed at hotel’s in-house brewery on the basement floor along with piping hot pizza out of oven and a la carte items that go well with beer. We provide not only 3 major styles of craft beer; Kölsch, Alt and Stout, but also other special beer available only for a limited time. Please stop by for a glass of beer or two on your way from work or for parties and various other occasions.

TEL: +81-92-262-1145​

Chinese Restaurant Toh-Ka-Lin (B1F)

Opening Hours

11:30~14:30 / 17:30~21:00 (Weekdays)
11:30~14:30 / 17:00~21:00 (Weekends & Public holidays)
Closed Wednesdays (Holiday Wednesdays is open. )

The Chinese restaurant Toh-Ka-Lin is one of the most popular restaurants in Hotel Okura Tokyo. Savour the authentic Cantonese cuisine with a delicious array of more than 150 dishes and a variety of creative Dim Sum delicacies. Combining the classic culinary techniques with the finest seasonal ingredients, Toh-Ka-Lin offers the perfect choice to satisfy your appetite.

TEL: +81-92-262-1168​

French Restaurant Le Champ d’Or (B1F)

Opening Hours

17:30~21:30 (Fridays)
11:30~14:30 / 17:30~21:30  (Weekends & Public holidays)
Closed Mondays to Thuesdays (Holiday is open. )

Enjoy the innovative twist to classic French cuisine with the finest quality ingredients. Complement your meal with wines carefully selected by the sommelier, and immerse yourself in the luxurious ambience.

TEL: +81-92-262-1168​

Sushi Restaurant Kogyoku (B1F)

Opening Hours

11:30~14:30 / 17:00~21:30
Closed Tuesdays (Holiday Tuesday is open. )

You can enjoy the culinary excellence of a long-established sushi restaurant in our hotel. Kohgyoku was established in Hakata in 1969, and has attracted many sushi lovers with their subtle flavors and silky textures. Relish the fresh local seafood from the Genkai-nada Sea, carefully selected and delicately crafted by the exclusive sushi chefs.

TEL: +81-92-263-1151​

Pastry Boutique (1F)

Opening Hours


Indulge yourself with our specialty cakes displayed in the showcase. A wide selection of Hotel Okura’s original branded products, freshly baked bread and pastries are available at the shop. The craft beer “Hakata Draft” which is brewed at the basement of this hotel can also be purchased.

TEL: +81-92-262-3538​